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New Insights and Approaches to Research and Education in Colonial Slavery History and its Afterlives in Suriname

On 14 and 15 March 2024, the Anton de Kom University organised a symposium on new insights and approaches within the study of the Dutch colonial slavery past and its significance for research and education regarding the local history of Suriname. The symposium was organized in cooperation with NiNsee and KITLV. Both scientist and non-scientists were present to share their insights.

The reason behind the symposium is the 2023 publication of the book  Staat en slavernij: Het Nederlandse koloniale slavernijverleden en zijn doorwerkingen. In this book, Helmut Gezius, the driving force behind the symposium, wrote a chapter on Suriname's colonial slavery past. The editors of Staat en slavernij, Rose-Mary Allen, Esther Captain, Matthias van Rossum and Urwin Vyent, all spoke at the symposium. 

The two days further offered a broad palette of presentation that included coverage of the Maroons, oral history, winti and the contemporary repercussions of the slavery past. Presentations were made by Eric Jadew, Cynthia McLeod-Ferrier, Audrey Christiaan, Chan Choenni, Marina de Bies, Cheryl White, Armand Zunder, Nizaar Makdoembaks, Mannon Sanches, Juliën Zaalman, Mario Braakman, Kwasi Koorndijk, Martina Amoksi, Franklin Jabini and Hilde Neus.


14 and 15 March 2024


09.00 - 17.00 


Anton de Kom University Suriname


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