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Bookpresentation state and slavery

Bookpresentation Staat en slavernij: het Nederlandse koloniale slavernijverleden en zijn doorwerkingen

On June 15 Minister Hanke Bruins Slot was given a first copy of Staat en slavernij: het Nederlandse koloniale slavernijverleden en zijn doorwerkingen.  The book details recent insights into the Dutch slavery past and its afterlives.

The day was presented by Aspha Bijnaar.  Under her direction the members of the editorial board, Rose Mary Allen, Esther Captain, Matthias van Rossum and Urwin Vyent, discussed the book. According to them, the book is a testament to the fact that slavery was deliberately made a foundation of the colonial agenda of the Netherlands in Africa, the Americas and Asia. The Dutch state and its predecessors were directly responsible for this, making colonial policy and controlling and supporting initiatives that made colonial slavery possible. The discussion also clearified that the afterlives of slavery and colonialism, such as racialisation, legal inequality and cultural disadvantage, continue to this day.

In a brief response, Bruins Slot said the results provide "a confrontational, and sometimes downright shocking picture" of the Dutch state's involvement in colonial slavery.

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15 June 2023


16.30 - 18.00


Koninklijke Schouwburg Den Haag


You can find the livestream here: Boekpresentatie Staat en Slavernij - 15-06-'23 

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