Henk te Velde

Proffesor of history at Leiden University

H. (Henk) te Velde

Henk te Velde is professor of Dutch history at Leiden University. He is president of The Royal Netherlands Historical Society and of The International Association for Political History. He has written extensively on the history of politics and political culture in the Netherlands in an international context. Henk te Velde recently co-edited De Lage Landen: Een geschiedenis voor vandaag (2021). He has published regularly on the history of Orangism and the monarchy, for instance in the co-edited volume Oranje onder: Populair orangisme van Willem van Oranje tot nu  (2014). Te Velde was a member of the scientific advisory committee of the research project Independence, Decolonization, Violence and War in Indonesia 1945-1950 (2022).